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Although they are typically the smallest rooms in a home, bathrooms see the most use, next to the kitchen. A newly remodeled bathroom can drastically enhance your lifestyle.


Bathroom Renovations

The average American spends about 210 hours a year in the bathroom. That is quite a bit of time, considering many New England bathrooms have never been renovated, and that means they were designed when the house was built, many years ago. Modern bath room designs boast elegance and comfort. Home spas are becoming much more prevalent. Weather you want to create a monstrous master bath, or just update the 1/2 bath downstairs, we are here to spark innovation and creativity.

Design, Scope, Investment

For every project, Maize Restoration and Remodeling follows the same process. We create a design and a scope of work, based on our clients vision. Once we finalize these, we compile a proposal and present it. Every client receives a complete design, scope of work to be completed and a total price individually tailored to each project.

Kitchens have become a focal point and social gathering space, as well as a food preparation and cook space. Weather your kitchen is 20 years old or 220, we can make your dream kitchen a reality.

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Ready for YOUR dream Bathroom?

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