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Some of our designs offer sleek, new aged and ultra modern styles. Others offer more historically accurate moldings and finishes to bring an older home back to life, focusing on more traditional designs.


Home Restoration

New England is full of old homes, many being well over 200 years old. While some prefer the ultra modern and contemporary styles of the 21 century, others appreciate the character an old home has and choose to preserve it. Part of our restoration process involves our highly skilled team of craftsmen matching existing moldings and profiles, so when your project is completed, the newly restored area of your home blends seamlessly with the rest. No matter the age of your home, Maize Restoration and Remodeling is an industry leader in fine home restoration. 

Design, Scope, Investment

For every project, Maize Restoration and Remodeling follows the same process. We create a design and a scope of work, based on our clients vision. Once we finalize these, we compile a proposal and present it. Every client receives a complete design, scope of work to be completed and a total price individually tailored to each project.

Kitchens have become a focal point and social gathering space, as well as a food preparation and cook space. Weather your kitchen is 20 years old or 220, we can make your dream kitchen a reality.

S. Boston
Back Bay

Other Services

We offer complete residential remodeling services. For more info:

Design, architectural and engineering
Tile, hardwood and all types of flooring
Roofing, siding, Doors and windows 
Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC
Board, plaster, painting and much more

Ready for YOUR dream Home?

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