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Premier Residential Remodeling

Are you looking to update that old bathroom with pink tiles? How about reinventing your home with a new open concept? New Deck... Porch... Kitchen...?

The list just keeps on growing

How many times have you looked at that one area of your home and dreamed of updating it, of modernizing it? Maybe its multiple areas. How often do you add just one fix to the honey-do list? No matter how many updates are on your list, we are here to assist you every step of the way, from concept to reality.

Maize Restoration and Remodeling is a team of highly skilled and ambitious craftsmen with combined experience of almost 100 years in the construction and remodeling industry in the greater Boston area. Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with unsurpassed professional and courteous service. We strive for excellence and hope to supersede our client’s expectations. We treat every home as if it were our own, no matter how small or large your project is. At Maize Restoration & Remodeling, we have the utmost commitment to our clients and their homes. Our Management and Design Team consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals here to assist our clients every step of the way while their project is underway.

Getting Started


Renovating a bathroom is one of the most popular enhancements to a home. Our expertise plays a huge factor in designing a new space with comfort, luxury and functionality. Although they are typically the smallest rooms in a home, bathrooms see the most use, next to the kitchen. A newly remodeled bathroom can drastically enhance your lifestyle.

The evolution of the kitchen has changed dramatically in the past 100 years or so. Many homes in the greater Boston area are well over 100 years old, and many have never been remodeled. Specializing in restoration of homes, we are well aware of the great number of 17th century New England homes, along with there 17th century designs. Kitchens have become a focal point and social gathering space, as well as a food preparation and cook space. Weather your kitchen is 20 years old or 220, we can make your dream kitchen a reality.

Every client is different. Some of our designs offer sleek, new aged and ultra modern styles. Others offer more classic, historically accurate moldings and finishes to bring an older home back to life, focusing on more traditional designs. Older homes are more prevalent in New England, why not restore them! Water or smoke damage may be an indicator that your home may need some restoration as well.

There are many reasons why our clients wish to enlarge the living space of their homes. Increasing the number of bedrooms for children, adding an over-sized garage, or even a master suit with walk-in closet and dressing area. Maximizing livable space in your home will aid immensely in optimizing comfort, function and value of your home.

Ready for YOUR dream Home?

From foundations and form work, to skylights and roofing. Maize Restoration and Remodeling is your residential construction, remodeling and renovation specialist providing excellence in all types of home remodeling projects.

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